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Xeno Trigger is a first person time trial with Titanfall-like movement where you chain jumping, double jumping, wall-running and sliding together while shooting targets. Challenge yourself and compete against others by swiftly traversing the beautifully ominous Temple of Time to achieve the fastest time. 

Credits (click our names to visit our websites) :

Justin Sennema - Game Designer

Saahil Dhar - Lead Artist

Alex Valickis - Technical Lead

Cheyenne Amil - Project Manager

Daud Nazary - Level Designer

Kyle Baartman - Technical Artist

Update Notes:

- Player must now shoot clock to stop timer

- Added look sensitivity and inversion options

- Added resolution options


XenoTrigger Game 1.1 GB
XenoTrigger Wallpaper 3.3 MB


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Is this game playable on integrated graphics?

Yeah, it should be.